What do you think of Bongbong’s plan in 2016?

Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the son of the late strongman, Ferdinand Marcos Sr. revealed during a recent forum that he “will definitely be running for something in 2016.”

Senator Bongbong Marcos was urged heavily by some of the Philippines loyalist to their family to run for higher position in 2016.

Although the Senator did not elaborate further with her 2016 plans, he was quoted as saying that, “I will be a candidate for something but you know, what is the definition of good luck? The way I learned it, good luck is being ready when the opportunity presents itself. So, who knows, I might be lucky in 2016,” Marcos said.

Right now the Senator has not decided which position he would run for in 2016, in the upcoming election he is eligible for reelection since he is only in his first term at the Senate.

The senator also unveiled that he had met with outgoing Senator Villar, the current Nacionalista Party President and they discussed their plans for the 2016 Presidential election but he noted that for him it is important that he should have a solid feasible plan.

Ref: philnews

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